Rhythm Blocks in Victoria, BC


The inauguration ceremony was a huge success. The minister of education for BC was there and she was super impressed. I love body rhythm and taking Keith’s classes at the World Rhythm festival was one of those “moments” for me. Body Rhythm has really enhanced my own percussion skills and presents a clear learning path to help internalize rhythm in general.

The theme, for the ceremony, was the environment. We used rhythm ( intro rhythm block set) and movement to show “ripples on water” and how little things can make a difference to the environment (kids can change the world through passing on knowledge). It was ‘eye candy’ with all 410 students fanned out in a half circle like a giant rainbow. 7 rings-4 rings of rhythm and 3 of the ‘water movement’ with blue ribbons showing water moving out. Rhythm pushing water..very cool. They were dressed in graduated shades of blue with the water ring (students) dressed in white so it was very visual as well. The delegates were on an elevated stage and seated on raised bleachers so they really got a fantastic view of the ripple effect as well. The finale was a rhythm train using ‘thank you for the buggy ride’ with about 150 students on the outside ring. We all had a lot of fun. The teachers as well as the students got right into it. It even made the evening news. I’ve been asked to teach preforming arts there this year (L’Ecole Victor Brodeur) and I will continue to encourage body rhythm and the awareness of rhythm in every ‘body’.

I am loving the second instructional DVD, my son is my rhythm partner. Keep up the great work.

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